I understand that the project sponsor will be relying on my certification as to if I am an accredited investor or not, in making opportunities available to me, and that the consequences of a false certification would be significant (including the possibility of a loss of an otherwise available registration exemption to the issuer). I agree that I will be responsible for any losses that are incurred as a result of a false certification or my continued use of the website after obtaining knowledge that a prior certification is no longer true. I agree to immediately inform the project sponsor of any change to my status as an investor.

I further understand that, there are certain investment opportunities (not applicable for upcoming Reg A Fund offerings) that are only open to accredited investors and that during that investment process, I will be required, by the United States Securities Regulations, to provide or upload documents which support my certification above that I qualify as an accredited investor, such as W-2’s, tax-returns, investment account statements, a third-party confirmation from my accountant or broker, and/or any other documents (in each case redacted to eliminate social security numbers, account numbers or other similar sensitive personal identifying or financial information) that will enable issuers to reasonably evaluate my accredited investor status.

If these documents cannot be provided, I understand that I will be redirected to other offerings that welcome non-accredited investors.

  • I have read this agreement and accept the terms and conditions.
  • I understand that investment opportunities posted on this portal are speculative investments and I may lose the entire investment amount.